– DYNAREX core


The basic module especially for calculation and evaluation as well as mobile damage recording

Order processing

  • Setting up, copying and deleting orders
  • Order search via full-text search
  • Order overview ‒ individually configurable
  • Data exchange with cooperation partners via claim networks

Vehicle identification (DAT)

  • Using Vehicle Identification Number or German Federal Motor Vehicle Office number (KBA) and manually via a vehicle search tree,
  • Optional selection for phantom and manual calculation
  • Display of manufacturer’s vehicle photos
  • Vehicle designation, production year, additional technical data (dimensions, weight, tank volume, etc.)
  • Standard and special equipment built-in or optional,
  • Logging of additional equipment
  • Installed wheel rim with size and picture of wheel rim, display of all possible wheel rims including wheel rim picture

Calculation of repair costs (DAT)

  • Graphic recording of damage, optimized for computer or tablet respectively
  • Paintwork calculation in accordance with manufacturer, AZT or EURO painting system
  • Adoption of hourly rates and calculation factors from stored repair shop address
  • Recording/copying and processing several calculations for the order

Import of calculations from other systems (NDK)

  • Import of complete vehicle identification, standard, special and additional equipment
  • Import of the hourly rates of the calculation
  • Import of calculation report incl. structured individual results

Used car evaluation (DAT)

  • Manually influencing the value of the special equipment
  • Recording of markups and markdowns as well as necessary repair costs, etc.
  • Print-out of traders’ purchase value, traders’ sale value, replacement value, current value (standard, differential tax, tax-neutral)

Calculation of “Decrease in market value”

  • In accordance with calculation method of the Hamburg Model, BVSK, MFM, Halbgewachs, Rukopf-Sahm, mean value

Calculation of “Downtime/car rental costs”

  • Precondition DAT subscription, entry of the respective group with the costs into the result mask, combined with vehicle identification via VIN

Automatic matching of VIN and registration number 

  • Reference to already processed vehicles by automatic comparison of the chassis no. or the registration number at order creation

Tyre recording

  • Series tyres from vehicle identification
  • Mounted tyres through adopting series tyres and/or selection of integrated tyre information system for motorcycles, passenger cars, light trucks, normal trucks, earth-moving machines and construction machines
  • Tyre dimension, sales designation, sales price, tyre and profile photos
  • Additional technical information

Vehicle viewing

  • Dates, locations and participants,
  • Description of state of vehicle (general state, vehicle body, chassis, paintwork),
  • Previous, old damage and other remarks

Photo processing

  • Local import of photos from hard drive or memory card (digital camera) and, optionally mobile, directly into the process via smartphone and tablet
  • Photo processing (brightness, contrast, gamma correction, text, area coverage, arrows, rotating photos, etc.)
  • Storage, sorting and assignment to the expert report and/or the salvage exchange

Address collection

  • Manually or by importing from the key address data
  • Key address data with name, address, any other contact information, contact partners and, in the case of repair shops, hourly rates and other calculation factors

Summary, results

  • Gathering all determined results in one interface
  • Graphical comparison of repair costs, replacement value and residual value

Text module management

  • Record, change, group in the text master data area for:
    • Other cover letters.
  • Text modules are linked by field function with order, address, vehicle and result data.
  • Text modules can be added from the master data to other cover letters and changed there.

Document templates

  • Standard layouts (cover letter, declaration of assignment, workshop info) included in the scope of delivery.
  • Standard layouts are immediately ready for use once the office address has been entered.
  • Individual layouts (e.g. integration of company stationery) can be created based on customer requirements.

Document creation and archiving

  • in the order with print and/or dispatch and document archiving sorted by those involved/recipients, date and time
  • Optional functions:
    • Merging of several documents into one PDF file
    • Integration of any other PDF documents and photos
    • Watermark in the document
    • Printout in “Original” or “Copy” layout
    • Other cover letters can be prepared before printing.
  • Document archiving for any other external documents for the order (e.g. reference file/other correspondence)

Branch and office administration

  • Establishment of individual branches or offices
  • Setting up the structure of order and, if applicable, invoice no.

Tablet and smartphone integration

  • APP for Android and iOS
  • The user can work on any number of end devices without restriction.
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