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Your route to the perfect expert report

You are an expert for vehicle assessment and vehicle damage calculation.
Your expertise and experience make you an important authority for the injured party.

Growing requirements for expert reports as well as time and cost pressure require constant
change and up-to-date information processing.

DYNAREX is a vehicle expert software which, in addition to providing expert reports,
keeps the entire order processing procedure in focus.

This holistic approach improves your office processes, provides your customers with
added value and gives you the freedom you need for perfect expert reports.

Your strength in competition.

Experience simple operation throughout the expert report process

Record, edit and manage expert reports with innovative software. A high-performance full-text search
helps you to obtain an overview of large databases and to find each file quickly.
The comprehensive, configurable system ensures a high degree of individuality with maximum automation.

Work with the best tools in one interface

With all services of the new DAT SilverDAT3 for vehicle identification, vehicle calculation,
vehicle assessment, downtime and rental car costs.
More for determining salvage value, market value and decrease in market value.

Keep your sales under control

Your expert report with automatically generated invoice or with delivery note and monthly collective invoice.
Post incoming payments with assistant management. Reminders can be sent individually or automatically in batches and you can easily forward the booking data to your tax advisor/accountant via DATEV.

Benefit from the freedom and flexibility of large companies

You can save the costs for your own server and data backup with DYNAREX.
You can immediately start using your computers and Internet access.
This allows you to use DYNAREX in your company and at all locations where you want to prepare expert reports.

Win repair shops and car dealers as regular customers

You can send damage calculations directly to the repair shop/dealership with DYNAREX.
Regardless of whether SilverDAT2 or SilverDAT3 is used, the results can
be immediately further processed electronically in the repair shop / car dealership system.

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Mobile Vehicle Damage Assessment

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