Here you get a free access for 30 day:

Send us a message with your  contact information on info@onrex.de

and we will you send your access to platform DYNAREX. Please note that access to the test platform is exclusively reserved for vehicle appraiser.

Further informations:

Use DYNAREX on the desktop PC or notebook via an Internet browser. You can also use the APP DYNAREX (iOS, Android) for your smartphone and tablet.

Witch services can I use?

  • All Services from the company “DAT Group”  e.g. Vehicle identification per VIN-number, Graphic damage capturer, vehicle repair estimation, vehicle value estimation.

Further information about DAT Group: https://www.dat.de/en/home.html


  • Case information
  • Vehicle information
  • Participants
  • repair estimation
  • Salvage Exchange
  • Import photos and edit photos
  • results
  • textblocks and assessment reports


What do you can’t use in the trail version?

  • Changing Layout in assessment reports
  • Send and receive salvage exchanges from our internet salvage provider
  • changing master datas

Please note that other appraisers also works on this platform. Do not enter each personal data

 We hope you enjoy the test and look forward to your feedback.


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