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In times of rapidly advancing digitalization, in which end users in particular expect services via the Internet, the platform DYNAREX is an vehicle appraiser software solution for new business models and future perspectives. In addition to the classical recording systems PC and notebook, the new software solution DYNAREX makes it easy to you to integrate the tablet and smartphone into the process. You work across devices and start on the road on the smartphone. Find out about the next place of inspection, which was sent to you by the office. Once you arrive at the destination, start with the vehicle identification, take photos or dictate a damage description. Then pull your tablet out of the bag and take the parts with the graphic damage capture. If you do not have an Internet connection, you can simply work offline. Back in the office, you can final the assessment report on the desktop computer.

However you want to work, it is easy in any case.

DYNAREX - The moduls

We are forging new paths – including in the case of the licensing model.  We offer a suitable module package for every size of company.

DYNAREX core: The basic system for data collection and result calculation

DYNAREX plus:The module for text modules, expert reports and other documents.

DYNAREX anywhere:The module for mobile damage recording even without an internet connection.

DYNAREX invoice:The module for accounting systems, schedules of fees and collective invoices.

DYNAREX payment:The module for open item management with inpayment and dunning system.

DYNAREX stats:The module for statistics and reports.

DYNAREX org:The module for process management using workflows, the standard QA inspection and the cooperative network.

Further information on the functional scope of the modules:

Order processing

  • Setting up, copying and deleting orders
  • Order search using full-text search
  • Order overview ‒ individually configurable
  • Data exchange with cooperation partners via claims networks

Vehicle identification (DAT)

  • Using Vehicle Identification Number, German Federal Motor Vehicle Office (KBA) and manually via a search tree,
  • Optional choice of vehicle for phantom and manual calculation
  • Display of manufacturer’s vehicle photos
  • Vehicle designation, production year, additional technical data (dimensions, weight, tank volume, etc.)
  • Standard and special equipment built-in or optional
  • Logging additional equipment
  • Installed wheel rim with size and picture of wheel rim, display of all possible wheel rims including wheel rim picture

Calculating the repair costs (DAT)

  • Graphic recording of damage, optimised for computer or tablet respectively
  • Paintwork calculation in accordance with manufacturer, AZT or EURO painting system
  • Adoption of hourly rates and calculation factors from stored repair shop address
  • Recording/copying and processing several calculations for the order

Used car evaluation (DAT)

  • Manually influencing the value of the special equipment
  • Recording mark-ups and mark-downs, as well as necessary repair costs, etc.
  • Print-out of traders’ purchase value, traders’ sale value, replacement value, current value (standard, differential tax, tax-neutral)
  • Print preparation for calculation and evaluation

Automatic matching of vehicle identification number and registration number 

  • Automatic indication of already processed vehicles by automatic comparison of the vehicle identification number or the registration number when setting up orders

Tyre recording

  • Series tyres from vehicle identification
  • Mounted tyres through adopting series tyres and/or selection of integrated tyre information system for motorcycles, passenger cars, light trucks, normal trucks, earth-moving and construction machines
  • Tyre size, sales designation, sales price, tyre and profile photos
  • Additional technical information

Vehicle viewing

  • Dates, locations and participants
  • Description of state of vehicle (general state, vehicle body, chassis and paintwork)
  • Previous, old damage and other remarks

Photo processing

  • Direct, local import of photos from hard drive or memory card (digital camera) and, optionally mobile, directly into the process via smartphone and tablet
  • Photo processing (brightness, contrast, gamma correction, text, area coverage, arrows, rotating photos, etc.)
  • Storage, sorting and assignment to the expert report and/or the salvage exchange

Salvage value calculation

  • Linkage to CarTV, car.casion, W.O.M. and WinValue, regional salvage value query
  • Standardised user interface for all salvage exchanges
  • No duplicate data collection necessary. Data for the adjustment is already recorded in the system.
  • Automatic receipt of bids and bid sheets after expiry deadline
  • Selection of best salvage value and comparison bids

Market value calculation

  • Linkage to APE’s CarTV check
  • No duplicate data collection necessary. Data for the adjustment is already recorded in the system.
  • Free selection of vehicles, the “Replacement value corridor” document and structured result data are stored in the process.

Calculation of “Decrease in market value”

  • In accordance with calculation method of the Hamburg Model, BVSK, MFM, Halbgewachs, Rukopf-Sahm, mean value

Calculation of “Downtime/car rental costs”

  • Precondition DAT subscription, entry of the respective group with the costs into the result mask, combined with vehicle identification using vehicle identification number

Address collection

  • Manually or by importing from the key address data
  • Key address data with name, address, any other contact information, contact partners and in the case of repair shops, hourly rates and other calculation factors

Summary and results

  • Compilation of all calculated results in one interface
  • Graphic comparison of repair costs, replacement value and salvage value

Branch and office management

  • Establishment of individual branches and/or offices
  • Setting up the structure of order numbers and, if applicable, invoice numbers
  • Usermanagement and access authorisations

Integration of tablet and smartphone

  • APP for Android and iOS
  • The user can work on as many devices as desired, without restriction.


Text module management

  • Collecting, changing and grouping in the area of key text data for:
  • Drawing up the expert report (pre and post-texts)
  • Other written communications.
  • Text modules can be put together to make text module combinations.
  • The collection of text modules recommended by the BVSK (FederalAssociation of freelance and independent automotiveappraisers) is, if need be, included in the scope of delivery for BVSK members.
  • Text modules are linked to order, address, vehicle and result data via the field function.
  • Text modules can be inserted from the key data in the expert report or in other written communications and changed there.

Document templates

  • Layout for standard expert report structure (title page, vehicle data, pre-texts, calculation, post-texts and photo attachment) and
  • other standard layouts (letters, declaration of assignment, repair shop information) are included in scope of delivery.
  • After the office address and company logo have been recorded, standard layouts can be used right away.
  • If need be, individual layouts are created in accordance with customer specifications.

Document production and storage

  • Within the order, with printing and/or shipping and document storage in order of participants/recipients, date and time
  • Compilation of several documents into a PDF
  • Integration of as many such PDF documents and photographs as desired
  • Watermarks on the document
  • Print-out in “original” or “copy” layout
  • Other written communications can be processed before being printed.
  • Document storage for as many additional external documents concerning the order as desired (e.g. reference file/other correspondence)

Shipping options

  • Printed
  • E-mail (automatic text generation for e-mail subject line and text)
  • Claims network (MyClaim for appraiser/repair shop communication)
  • Connect (secure transmission of data to vehicle owner/customer by SMS/e-mail)

APP extension for offline processing

  • For mobile order processing using a tablet/smartphone at locations with no internet connection
  • Process components are temporarily stored on the tablet/smartphone
  • When there is an internet connection, the order is synchronised online again.

Scope of order when processing online

  • General order data
  • Complete vehicle data
  • Viewing data
  • Addresses/participants
  • Graphic recording of damage DAT
  • Photos

Key data for accounting

  • Product groups and revenue accounts (data transfer to accounting department/tax consultant)
  • As many freely definable accounting articles as desired for bills of charges for calculation:
    • with number and unit price as a fixed amount or in accordance with schedule of fees (photos, distance driven in km; typing costs per page)
    • with unit price as fixed amount (e.g. salvage exchanges, market value calculation)
    • for basic fee in conjunction with repair costs, replacement value andoptionally, decrease in market value and corresponding schedule of fees
  • Taking into account different currencies and VAT rates

Invoice production

  • Normally one or several invoices in the order
  • Optionally, outside the order, as many free invoices or collective invoices as desired
  • Invoice preview during processing
  • Invoice block after production
  • Creation of cancellation invoices
  • Invoice statistics
    • Issue and print-out of freely definable daily ledgers for sending out invoices
  • Invoice layouts are included in the scope of delivery or are, if need be, created in accordance with customer specifications
  • Open item management
  • Receipt of payment in accordance with account statement/cash
  • Assignment of the payments to revenue accounts
  • Management of the dunning procedure for each customer group
  • Individual dunning letters for each customer group
  • Suspension of dunning procedure / dunning VAT
  • Dunning charges
  • Manual and automatic dunning procedures
  • Logging of payment procedure (daily inpayment ledger)
  • Analysis of open items (daily open item ledger)

Available from Q4/18

  • Order processing using workflow manager
  • Regular QA inspection in the processing procedure
  • Order management in the appraiser netwo

Available from Q4/18

  • Freely definable statistics for all order areas
  • Issued as a report for display and print-out
  • Data export in MS-Excel format
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