Mobile vehicle damage assessment

Check your business model

Networking over the Internet, powerful smartphones and tablets as well as APPs for all areas of life have changed our lives sustainably. Successful companies that rely on these new techniques have focused on digitization across the entire value chain and customer loyalty via the Internet.

For the development of the best way they change to the perspective of the customer. They are thus reviewing their own business model, products and processes. They do this before others do it and enter into their own business model.

The change to the customer’s perspective could include e.g. following scenario:

In the search for a car expert, customer “Mustermann” researched with his smartphone in the Internet for suitable service providers. The customer uses service providers who have an Internet presence with direct access to the customer via a smartphone. In fulfillment of the order, Mustermann would like to continue to provide continuous feedback on the progress achieved and on the results and best of all on his own smartphone. Is this unrealistic today? Not at all. Successful companies today are not only concerned with their product, but also with the question of how they can reach their customers faster and more easily in the competition. The anticipation of the needs and desires of the customer requires an adaptation of the own processes. We quickly find out how important our own IT and management system are. It is ultimately the key to success in the digital age.






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